Preston & Linnie Sea Petal Ear Cuff

Preston & Linnie Sea Petal Ear Cuff


Hand-sculpted, up-cycled plastic |  sterling silver

Meet the ultimate showstopper – The Sea Petal Ear Cuff. If you want to turn heads, this is the one – you literally can’t wear it without everyone in the room noticing you (not to mention coming up to you and asking about it.

  • Ear cuff can be made for a RIGHT or LEFT ear. Please specify at checkout.

  • Cuff must be custom fit to ear by squeezing two discs together until snug.

  • Ear Cuff is made of solid sterling silver (no plating)

  • Each ‘petal’ is hand cut, sanded and sculpted from plastic jugs (like milk jugs). They are feather-light, yet firm to the touch. No two pieces are exactly alike.

Made in Brooklyn by Preston & Linnie

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